Performance-driven Strength & Conditioning for elite hockey players.

Our Hockey Strength & Conditioning Training is tailored to prepare athletes to thrive with the demands of high-performance hockey.

We don’t use gimmicky circuits or random training. Our training is focused on producing healthier, stronger, and more explosive athletes that can translate their fitness to enhancing on-ice performance.

Our hockey program is led by former high-performance hockey player – Kyle Kokotailo. Kyle’s experience working with elite hockey players and teams is supported by our multi-disciplinary team to provide industry-leading strength and conditioning for hockey players.

Athlete Matrix’s world class facility and high-performance environment make it the ultimate facility for hockey players looking to their training and performance to the next level.

Session Structure:

Our sessions are optimized to the development needs of each athlete, with most sessions including:

  1. Warm Up
    • Tissue Work, Mobility, Movement Prep, and “Pre-Hab” care.
  2. Speed, Agility, & Athletic Development
    • Multidirectional and reactive agility drills
    • Stability and balance exercises
    • Plyometric training
  3. Strength & Power Development
    • Individualized based on each athlete with the intention to address weaknesses, enhance strength, and optimize power output.
    • Utilizes multiple training modalities including: velocity-based training exercises, resistance-based training (weights, banded, med ball, body weight, etc)
  4. Conditioning & Energy System Development
  5. Core & Mobility

Private & Small Group Training:

Our private training allows for individualized training optimized to each athlete. The private training also allows for personal coaching to get the most out of each individual athlete.

Our process begins with an in-depth assessment and movement screening to evaluate any potential imbalances or limitations that may be preventing optimum performance. With this, we also assess fitness components relevant to on-ice performance to find what areas of we find what areas of your fitness needs to be enhanced to get you to the next level.  

Each session is programmed and coached with the intention fueling athletic development and optimizing performance. This same level of attention to detail can also be applied to small groups. In our small groups of 2-6 athletes, athletes still have individualized programming, with the bonus of getting to push and compete against other each other. Group training also creates more affordable training options.

Team Strength & Conditioning Dryland Training:

With our team training, we don’t just randomly see players once a week for random timed circuit training. Our intention is to work with coaches to create development programs that ensure players are performing to their full potential this season, while creating the off-ice foundations to enhance their potential for future seasons.

Our commitment to our team’s success means we cultivate elite team cultures through dryland training and have on-going communication with players and coaches to ensure we’re on their path to optimizing performance and maximizing player development.

Our team sessions and programming will be led by Kyle Kokotailo, who currently works with elite Minor teams such as the Minor and Major Midget AAA Burlington Eagles and the Burlington Jr Barracudas. 

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