Open Mobility Class

Whether you’re looking to improve the health and function of your joints or wanting to elevate your game this class will help you increase your range of motion and improve your joint mechanics. In addition to improving flexibility this class works on strengthening surrounding joint tissues to become more resilient to injury. By improving neuromuscular control you can correct movement errors that may be inhibiting speed, strength, and power and allow you to excel in your sport and in the gym.
This class focuses on:
  • Releasing tight muscles
  • Improve joint biomechanics
  • Improve kinesthetic awareness
  • Better muscle activation
  • Learning how to activate muscle groups
  • Education of basic joint function, anatomy, and biomechanics


Date: Starting August 2nd (weekly)

Time: Wednesdays at 6pm

Location : The Athlete Matrix : 3350 Wolfedale Road, Mississauga

Coach : Melissa Cappelletti

Price: $20/drop-in, or 10 classes pass for $100


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