Volleyball Specific Strength Training….

Volleyball strength, conditioning, and movement training at The Athlete Matrix.

The volleyball programs are for focused athletes that are looking to make a big spike (pun intended) in performance. 

The program is lead by coach Reid Hall, who is a former team Canada Beach Volleyball athlete, and current director of strength training for the Ontario Blue Jays and several high performance volleyball clubs and Universities.

We offer a complimentary assessment and consultation so that you can feel confident that this is the right training training program for you. In the assessment the athletes are put through a functional movement screening to identify movement dysfunction and areas where the athlete could be at risk for injury. The coach will also conduct a few performance tests including their spike and block touch.

Focused areas in the training sessions:

1. Injury prevention

2. Strength development 

3. Jumping and landing efficiency 

4. Speed and agility

Programs offered:

=> Open group training

We offer multiple strength training sessions each week. These sessions are run in a drop-in format and is perfect for the volleyball player between 13 to 17 years old. 

=> Private training

Our coaching staff works hands-on with the athlete, helping them set goals and develop at the appropriate rate. Massive results are made with Private Training. We are not only coaches but also role models and mentors. 

=> Team training

One of the best ways to build a strong culture and cohesion in a team is to train together. The programming will be developed based on the age and specific needs of the athletes. 

=> Customized small group training

Create your own small group. Athletes can train with their friends or teammates.

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