One of the best ways to build a strong culture and cohesion in a team is to train together. The programming will be developed based on the age and specific needs of the athletes. We make strategic adjustments based on day-to-day changes in team scheduling. For instance, if an athlete has a match or a tournament the following day the focus will be on helping the athlete feel refreshed.

The training session are run with a high performance training culture. The Matrix coaches are NOT drill sergeants, but they will ensure that athletes are working hard. Athletes love coming to the Matrix and often describe the training as hard, but fun. The reason it is fun is because the athletes can feel and see themselves improving.

Athletes go through the Matrix 3 stage development model which helps ensure improvements are made.

Stage 1- Evaluation

Athletes will be assessed and screened to identify movement restrictions and areas of potential injury. This helps the coach modify the athletes training accordingly. They will also be put through a series of tests to identify their baseline strength, power, and conditioning levels. These tests will be specific to the
sport. Athletes will be re-evaluated so that progress can be tracked.

Stage 2- Preparation

After the athletes have been evaluated it is time to physically prepare their bodies so that they can make big-time improvements. This stage will last anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks. The focus of this phase is to improve mobility restrictions, muscular dysfunctions, and build strength through simplistic movements. This stage is essentially developing the foundation so that BIG-TIME improvements can be made. You can not build a big beautiful building on a weak foundation.

Stage 3- Domination

After the athletes have been properly prepared they are ready to CRUSH IT. In the domination phase there is an increased training intensity and complexity of the exercises. This stage is where the athletes will really see a big increase in performance.

The 3 stage model is adapted based of your teams specific needs and schedule.

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